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Pet Guide, 2020

Best Years, Fall/Winter 2019

Home, Spring 2019 (March)

Also published in USA Today (newspaper) online, April 7, 2019 – Reprinted as Put some flower power in your home design


Green Living, Spring 2018 (April)

  • Healthy Home: Go green with these eco-friendly products and energy-saving appliances, page 12!green-living

Modern Woman, Fall/Winter 2017

  • Healthy Holidays: Maintain fitness during the festivities – pages 88-90

Diagnosis Diabetes, November 2017

  • Consultation Checklist: Being well-informed will help you avoid the risks of working out, page 10!consultation-checklist

Pet Guide, Spring  2017 (May)

  • Help your dog navigate his golden years – pages 70-72
  • Researching Retrievers – pages 84-86

Home, Spring 2017 (March)

  • Kitchen Trends: Get Cookin’ — pages 73-80

Modern Woman, Fall-Winter 2016 (December)

  • The Holidays, Guilt-Free – pages 71-73

Diagnosis: Diabetes 2016 (November)!page26 

Best Years, Fall-Winter 2016 (October)

Pet Guide, Spring/Summer 2016 (June)

  • Reasons for Hope: Researchers work to offer a brighter future to dogs with cancer — pages 70-73;
  • Matters of the Heart: Learn the basics of canine CPR and give your dog a fighting chance — pages 74-75

Home, Spring 2016 (April)

  • Paint:  Black is Beautiful – pages 16-18

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Building Resilience, 2015 (December)

  • Meet the Divisions – pages 26-37

Health and Human Services, 2015 (December)

  • Scientific Methods: Evaporating funds are leading to emptier laboratories – pages 22-24

Diagnosis: Diabetes 2015 (November)

Modern Woman, Fall-Winter 2015 (November)

            Also published in USA Today (newspaper)

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