About Me

My work has appeared in USA WEEKEND Magazine, USA TODAY newspaper and USA TODAY premium publications Guide to Cancer, Guide to Heart and Stroke, Modern Woman, Best Years, Diagnosis Diabetes, Green Living, Kids’ Health, Back to School, and others. Other publications include the National Education Association Member Benefits website, StopAfib and magazines such as Cooking Light, Doctor’s Digest, Doctor’s Digest for Oncologists, Clinician’s Digest, and Pharmacist’s Digest, Yoga Life, Women’s Health, Men’s Health (print and online magazines), Men’s Fitness, SLY, the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley Home, Arthritis Today, Bottom Line/Health, HealthyWoman from Bottom Line, Bottom Line’s Daily Health, East Bay Home & Design, Family Circle, Moms On Call, Sesame Street Parents Guide, First for Women, QualityHealth.com, MedTrackAlert.com,Cardiology.com, Integrative Medicine, CompuServe WOW, Home PC, Inc. Technology, Longevity, American Health, Omni magazine, Health SourceScience Digest, Byline and Stimuli for Writers, and other publications.

Health Writer

My primary specialty is health, including a broad array of medical, fitness and healthy lifestyle topics ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to atrial fibrillation, DEXA scans to diabetes, macular degeneration to migraine, neurodegenerative disease to nutrition, obsidian scalpels to osteopenia, zeaxanthin to zoonoses.

During my health reporting career, I’ve covered topics such as the link between syndrome X, heart disease and diabetes; evidence-based medicine for physicians, oncologists, and clinicians; eye care, skin health, dental treatments; biotechnology; hepatitis C; online health resources, self-administered medical tests; cancer; doctor-patient communications; stress management; nutrition labeling; midlife health issues – menopause and andropause; smoking and health; house call doctors, and more.

As a contributing editor, I have managed sections, reported and edited for various publications. For Women’s Health magazine, I reported and managed five front-of-book pages of news briefs on Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Fitness and Sex; and also coordinated and wrote anchors, Q&A columns and sidebars for the magazine’s FOB pages, “In Focus: Calm” and “In Focus: Health.” For the first full-size issue of YogaLife, I also wrote and edited the FOB section and contributed a sidebar and research to two features, and did similar work for the second issue. For the third issue of YL, I wrote FOB articles and provided research assistance.

I’ve also ghostwritten columns and other content, contributed book chapters, and provided research and editing services to writers and editors.

Alternative and Integrative Medicine

I’m very interested in alternative, holistic, and integrative medicine including natural healing methods such as acupuncture and acupressure, herbal and dietary supplements, music healing, meditation and biofeedback, physical therapy and Tai Chi. My goal in writing about alternative medicine topics is to help readers understand how these techniques work, which practices are safe and supported by scientific evidence, and how they may be integrated with conventional medicine.

Pet Health

I love animals and enjoy writing about conventional and alternative health for dogs and cats. I’m especially interested in natural remedies for pet health problems and caring for aging companion animals.

Living and Lifestyles

I enjoy writing about how we can make our homes more comfortable, better organized, and more attractive. I’ve written about “smart” homes, wine cellars, in-home offices, window technology and design, luxury laundry rooms, fireplaces and mantels, gardening, and other home-related topics.

Careers, Jobs, Recruiting

My careers and work-theme articles have included topics such as “Job Searching in Your Jammies,” coping with toxic co-workers, finding the right mentor, switching careers at midlife, improving interviewing skills and other success tips for job seekers. I’ve written regional, remote and out-of-market recruiting sections as well as profiles of business leaders and companies.

What Else?

Other topics I’ve enjoyed writing about include identity theft, biochip ID, computers, science, collectibles, traveling with dogs, cooking, crafts, investment clubs, money management, organization, parenting, relationships, Pyramids of Cahokia, the paranormal, and writing as an art and business.

I love quizzes and puzzles and have created quizzes in a variety of formats for many publications on topics such as health, history, money, organization, science and trivia.