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My primary specialty is health, including conventional and holistic (alternative) medicine, nutrition, fitness, psychology and mental health.I also cover career and job search topics, technology and science, financial, and general interest stories for print and online publications.


I am located in Colorado and have been writing for publication since 1979. I’ve served as an assistant and associate editor for writing magazines and contributing editor for consumer publications such as Yoga Life, Women’s Health, and Longevity. My tasks have included writing, editing and managing the front-of-book sections on health news, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, sex, stress and healthy lifestyles, including writing and ghosting Q&A columns.


I have written practice management guidebooks on topics such as Evidence-based Medicine, Effective Patient Communications, Federal Health Resources, and Best Practices/Patient Safety for the Doctor’s Digest family of publications including Doctor’s Digest, Doctor’s Digest for Oncologists, Clinician’s Digest, and Pharmacist’s Digest.


I’ve also written special sections including “HealthSmart” midweek editions of USA WEEKEND Magazine on topics such as how people are using the Internet to cope with health problems; what experts say to debunk myths about arthritis, heart health, headache, GERD, mental health, diabetes and sleep problems; and others.My work has appeared print and online in publications such as USA WEEKEND, USA TODAY, Cooking Light and its online partners (CNN, WebMD), Yoga Life, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Sly, the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley Home, Arthritis Today, East Bay Home & Design, Family Circle, Moms On Call, Sesame Street Parents Guide, First for Women, Cardiology.com, Integrative Medicine, Home PC, Inc. Technology, Longevity, American Health, Omni magazine, Health Source, Science Digest, Byline and Stimuli for Writers, among others.


Topics I have covered include: evidence-based medicine, syndrome x and diabetes, skin health, new developments in eye care, new dental treatments, caring for aging pets, how music affects health and healing, biotechnology, identity theft, hepatitis C, online health resources, self-administered medical tests, herbal and other holistic remedies, cancer, doctor-patient communications, stress management, nutrition labeling, midlife, menopause and andropause, job searching, mentors and mentoring, investment clubs, smoking, house call doctors, intuition, organization, collectibles, crafts, cooking, quizzes, archaeology, biochip identification, unmanned aerial vehicles, UFOs and paranormal topics, Thanksgiving, and the business and craft of writing for publication.


Formats in which my writing has appeared include: departments, features, FOB shorts and fillers, Q&A columns, briefs and newsflashes, Web site reviews, medical and holistic medicine monographs, columns, quizzes, online interviews and chats, even greeting card verse.


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